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This is a sampling of some of my work, it is still a work in progress.  Items are samples of classes and commissioned work.  If you have questions or are interested in purchasing any of my Rosemaling please email me.  Marley

***My last photo additions are with my digital camera that I am not that familiar with yet, they are fuzzy on the thumbprint.  Please enlarge them to see them better until I figure this out. 
This page was last updated on: February 11, 2010
'Os' Tiered plate
**'Romsdal' Plate
'Telemark' Plate
'Telemark' Troll Christmas Plate
**'Telemark' Plate
**Swedish Floor
    Cloth  3' x 5'
'Telemark' Table
There are many styles of Norwegian Rosemaling.  Each district has a style that is somewhat unique to that district.  These are just a few of the districts.  I will add more as we go.  Can you see that my favorite is 'Telemark'?  It is very abstract and flows so very beautifully.

**Pattern Packets are available                 on starred Items.
**Faux Finish Tray
  Valdres Flowers
**Hallingdal Basket
**'Os' with Stave Church 11" x 14"
**Swedish Canvas with Kurbits 16' X 20'
**Swedish Canvas with Kurbits 16" x 20"
**Swedish Photo
Album 4 x 6
**Telemark  Photo
Album  6 x 8
Telemark Trunk with
Hidden Drawer
Hallingdal Bowl
**Hallingdal Plate
**Os Picture Frame
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**Swinging Trolls
**Rogaland Plate
Rosemaling Accents
by Marley
Valdres Box
***Hallingdal Firescreen

***Scrolls with Chickadee

Drum Table
Rogaland Frame
Os Close Up
Telemark Trunk
Close up of Troll Santa
Telemark Christmas Troll
Telemark Place Mats
Telemark Welcome
Hallingdal SweatShirt
Telemark Bench                    Telemark Mangle             Telemark Bowl                 Old Rogaland Board          Telemark Tilt Top                Telemark Wall    
                                                     Board                                                                                                               Table                                  Pocket
Norwegian Maiden Ornament